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The Family Support Centre is here for you

Are you dealing with a son, daughter, brother or sister who is possibly becoming radicalised? Or are you dealing with a family member who left for a conflict area or is returning from one? In these cases, the Family Support Centre is here for you. The organisation offers specialised information, advice and support. You can ask our family counsellors anything about everything. They can advise you about how to handle the radicalisation of your family and will support you in practical and moral matters, such as school, work, finances and your family.

Our team

The Family Support Centre team is comprised of employees with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They speak your language and are familiar with your culture and faith. To ensure our employees have the most topical knowledge, experience and methodologies in the area of jihadism, they regularly receive training.

You can give us a call. At any time.

The Family Support Centre can be contacted on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also call us even when you only have a small question or are looking for information about the radicalisation process. Family Support Centre employees are specialised in and have a great knowledge of this subject. You can reach them by: calling +31 (0)88 208 0080 or by emailing to ln.tnupnuetseilimaf@ofni