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For professionals

Both families and professionals can come to the Family Support Centre for information, advice, support and expertise. In case support is requested for a family, the Family Support Centre will always discuss the actions with the municipality involved. Municipalities can also give instructions to support a family. In all cases it is important to underline that the Family Support Centre works within a voluntary framework and that their support cannot be imposed.

The way the family will be supported depends on the family’s needs, the way the municipality organises the local care and the complexity of the case. In general, the support centre offers the following services:


General information about the procedure of the Family Support Centre and the cooperation with other organisations. When requested, the Family Support Centre also provide information and give on-site presentations.


Advice and answers to questions concerning the radicalisation process as well as the support that can be offered. The applicant is in charge of the counselling or support process but will receive specialised and personalised advice from the Family Support Centre.


A support centre employee will personally carry out the family support process. The family counsellor will talk to the family and involve the right experts to provide care and assistance. They will cooperate with local healthcare providers as much as possible during this process. This support is temporary; the process will eventually be handed over to the municipality.

Knowledge and expertise centre

The Family Support Centre is known for its knowledge and expertise. Other organisations that provide family support can take advantage of the Family Support Centre’s expertise. We can offer people support in an ongoing process or refer them to other experts.

Support Centre supports the knowledge development of other parties concerning the subject of radicalisation with regard to family support. We stay in contact with (international) experts and organisations to keep our knowledge, experiences and understandings up-to-date.


After the support has been terminated, the Family Support Centre will keep in touch with the family or municipality. The frequency of this contact depends on the severity of the case and the level of support.


The Family Support Centre cooperates with all kinds of healthcare, well-being and safety organisations. These organisations are of great importance to the implementation of family support and the counselling of family members. Examples of our cooperative partners are: Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Dutch Victim Support), the Radicalisation Helpline of SMN (Cooperation Moroccan Dutch), Mothers for Life, Girds and youth care institutions in the Netherlands.