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What do we do?

The Family Support Centre offers help when family members are becoming radicalised.

When a family member radicalises, leaves for a conflict area, returns from a conflict area or has been imprisoned, you, as a family, will be going through difficult times and will have many questions, worries, uncertainty and fear. For example, you might want to tell your story or are looking for information about the conflict in Syria. You want to know what your child is feeling, how you can keep in touch with your son or daughter and how you can help other children with their fears and troubles…

The Family Support Centre can help you in different ways:

Information about radicalisation and additional matters

We are here to answer all your questions. Thanks to our specialised knowledge, we can inform you about radicalisation, what that means and everything involved, about which legislation and regulations are important and which available theological, psychological and legal aid you can receive.

Advice on how to handle radicalisation within your family

We will advise you how to handle radicalisation within your family, what you should and should not do and how you can keep in touch with your son or daughter, even when they have left for a conflict area. We will also advise you about who you can safely and confidentially talk to about such matters.

Support in practical and emotional matters concerning radicalisation

We will support you with different practical and emotional matters, such as school, work, finances and your family. We are also open to any of your questions. Questions you might not dare to ask elsewhere. We can help you with such things or we will help you determine what additional support you need. If desired, we can contact people who have had the same experiences as you. We also offer counselling when a family member returns to your family or dies.

As a family, you do not have to pay for assistance from the Family Support Centre. The Family Support Centre receives a subsidy from the government of the Netherlands.