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Who do we help?

The Family Support Centre assists those who are dealing with radicalisation within their family or are worried about that.

In the Netherlands, many families deal with family members that are becoming radicalised or run the risk of becoming radicalised. For instance, many young men and women are still leaving for conflict areas today. The families of these boys and girls often have many questions, are afraid and concerned and do not know what to do. The Family Support Centre offers specialised support for these families.
The Family Support Centre supports families who are interacting with those who have become radicalised. For instance, interaction with family members who:
  • are becoming radicalised in their beliefs and behaviour;
  • want to leave for a conflict area;
  • were stopped on their way to a conflict area;
  • have returned after their stay in a conflict area;
  • have been arrested or have been imprisoned;
  • have died in a conflict area;
  • are a safety risk and/or are in danger because of their behaviour.
The Family Support Centre will help you deal with your current situation. The role of the family is very important and can play a decisive part in acceleration or deceleration of the radicalisation process of your son, daughter, brother or sister.